THE CITY College of San Jose Del Monte has appointed a new president — Dr. Roger Ambida. There were 17 applicants for the post but only Ambida was qualified.

Ambida said that under his administration, the CCSJDM will provide quality education to its students.

“City College of San Jose Del Monte is an institution that is driven to provide excellent educational opportunities responsive to the needs of the society and committed to continuously sustain quality education anchored on exemplary leadership, dedicated service, accountability, and with deep sense of professionalism,” the former vice president for academic affairs said.

Among Ambida’s plans for the college are to enhance students’ technical and academic competence, create new programs and services with high level of excellence and generate new knowledge through a broad array of scholarly research and creative endeavors.

Currently, the college is implementing the Flexible Asynchronous Remote eLearning system which was designed to deliver programs, courses and interventions that addresses the “unique” needs and challenges of the learners in terms of pace, place and resources.