LOOK: City Collegians from Bachelor of Public Administration actively participated in “PAnimulang Yugto: PAgtuklas at PAgtahak”, the BPA’s 1st webinar of the year organized by the League of Integrated Public Administration studentry Dedicated for service (LIPAD) and Campus Integrity Crusaders (CIC) via Zoom and FB live, held on 15th of September, 2021. The first session, “PAgtuklas: BPA, Ang Programang Para Sa’yo”, was facilitated by Professor Maureen Laisac, the Adviser of LIPAD. She rendered the basic principles of Public Administration, its association with managerial jobs in handling organizations, and the analysis of the behavior of people in administrative work. The participants shared their reasons why they choose BPA as their degree program and were encouraged to appreciate it as they continue their studies.Dr. Jaime Ayuro, the Program Chair of Bachelor of Public Administration, tackled “PAgtahak: Ikaw Bilang Lingkod-bayan” as the second topic of the webinar. The essence of leadership, accountability, and integrity was imparted to BPA students as their foundation towards the goal of being an effective and efficient public servant. He inspired the participants by sharing his experiences in the field and advised the students regarding the challenges that they will face as they go along their BPA journey. The topic also ignited the will of the participants on being part of the positive change they want to happen. At the end of the webinar, Public Administration students had their pledge to uphold excellence and to act for the welfare of our nation as they enter the world of public service. Flor Emmanuelle Dayag Año



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