City College’s History

The City of San Jose Del Monte has its own share of dismal conditions in the education sector. Reportedly, the overall completion rate for secondary schools for the past academic years (SY 2013 – 2014 vs 2014 – 2015) has declined as students went from First Year to Fourth Year, with rates from 89% down to 84%. Once a student has reached his/her sophomore year, the likelihood that he/she will be able to graduate secondary school wanes gradually.

In year 2019, there are 23 tertiary schools offering accredited baccalaureate programs and technical-vocational courses, but only two (2) are state and provincially-funded institutions of higher learning in the City which are the satellite campuses of the Bulacan State University and Bulacan Polytechnic College. Thus, there is a serious deficiency for public higher education institutions that would cater to the youth of the City of San Jose Del Monte.

To address this harsh truth, the Local Government Unit of San Jose Del Monte, under the visionary leadership of Hon. Arturo Robes, has taken the initiative to make higher education accessible to the constituents by establishing a City College. Through the support of Congresswoman Florida P. Robes, combining with the efforts of the City Council, the City Development Planning Office, the City Engineering Office, and the members of the Local Finance Committee, the City College was established through City Ordinance No. 2017-020-03 on March 6, 2017, an ordinance authorizing the City of San Jose del Monte to create a college to be known as the CITY COLLEGE OF SAN JOSE DEL MONTE. Other personalities who helped in the planning of the City College include Dr. Dennis M. Booth, Dr. Gerardo Cruz, and Dr. Orlando Molina. The City College is a local college within the territorial jurisdiction of the City provides adequate funding to comply with the institutional and program requirement which will soon lead to the attainment of the free tuition fee grant for local colleges and universities recognized by the Commission and Higher Education (CHED). Hence, application for recognition will be among its priorities.

Accordingly, the City College of San Jose Del Monte City is created to provide an affordable tertiary higher education to the Senior High School graduates of the City. As stated in the City ordinance, it is the aim of the college to serve primarily as a comprehensive and integrated educational institution that offers senior high school programs, baccalaureate and post graduate curricula, as well as technical, vocational courses with entrepreneurial culture, to broaden the access.

The Local Government Unit of San Jose Del Monte, in its financial capacity, shall carry out its responsibility in allocating funds for the establishment and operation of the City College of San Jose Del Monte. The estimated cost of it is Two Hundred Twenty Five Million Pesos (Php 225,000,000.00). This amount includes land development, construction of the school building, purchase of furniture, fixtures, and equipment, personnel expenses, and maintenance and other operating expenses for the first year of its operation. In the Year 2017, an initial budget appropriation of P71,846,000.00 was allocated to cover expenses on land development, construction of building and other maintenance and Operating expenses. Consequently, with the plan of starting the school year in 2018, a total amount of P106,550,117.00 was allocated. However, to ensure quality education and a smooth operation in the college, the operation of the school will commence in August 2019 with a total budget appropriation of P 64,019,992.00.

Initially, five (5) in demand programs will be offered namely: Bachelor of Science in Criminology, Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship, Bachelor of Science in Public Administration, Bachelor of Science in Entertainment and Multi-media Computing and Bachelor in Physical Education. During the First year of its operation, a total of 640 students will be accommodated. This is expected to rise to 1735 enrollees after three years of operations.

Indeed, a local college would be a great milestone for the City Government towards empowering the youth of San Jose Del Monte, with the core purpose of providing affordable and quality tertiary education that prepares these young people for better future opportunities, and given its financial projection, the establishment of City College of San Jose Del Monte is highly recommended.