CCSJDM Vision Statement

City College of San Jose Del Monte (CCSJDM) is an institution that is driven to provide excellent educational opportunities responsive to the needs of the society and committed to continuously sustain quality education anchored on exemplary leadership, dedicated service, accountability, and with a deep sense of professionalism.

CCSJDM Mission Statement

  1. Enhance students technical and academic competence vital in providing immediate and long-term societal needs; 
  2. Create new programs and services with high level of excellence and standards thus, contributing to local, national and international significance; 
  3. Generate new knowledge through a broad array of scholarly research and creative endeavors;
  4. Strengthen cultural and societal understanding through language and the arts, cultures, and the implications of social, political, economic and technological change;
  5. Develop a robust community and industry linkages and partnership;
  6. Engage in co-curricular and extra-curricular endeavors that would harness the human skills of all members of the CCSJDM academic community; and
  7. Promote continuous improvement by regularly conducting evaluation on the programs, services, systems and policies through accreditations and other internal and external quality assurance mechanisms.


  1. To provide employable, productive and globally competitive graduates;
  2. To attract and retain highly qualified educators in various disciplines;
  3. To engage in productive researches and extension activities in response to the needs of the service areas;
  4. To create and maintain administrative system that is efficient and responsive to then need of the institutions;
  5. To develop and sustain strong linkage with the industrial sectors and other educational institutions, local and national government units to ensure high quality instruction and trainings;
  6. To continuously augment impact process to existing curriculum. 

CCSJDM Objectives

  1. To implement programs which are relevant to community development, conscious of nature and environment, and respectful of cultural differences;
  2. To attain quality instruction and high level of teaching competency among the faculty members;
  3. To strengthen linkages between the College and industry partners and professional organizations;
  4. To determine the opportunities provided by the College to develop students’ full potentials, skills and talents to make them competitive in the labor force;
  5. To develop more immersion programs for students that will produce graduates with increased self-esteem, confidence and resilience;
  6. To intensify students’ involvement in both academic and extra-curricular leadership with the College and in the local and institutional spheres;
  7. To embark on research undertaking that will address areas such as curricular enhancement, community development, environmental consciousness, industry sensitivity, disaster preparedness and climate change adaptation and other areas that significantly affect the academe; and
  8. To become a catalyst of change.