Admission to the City of San Jose Del Monte is open to all San Jose Del Monte Residents

  1. An applicant is considered a bonafide San Jose Del Monte Resident  if:
    • His/Her home address is San Jose Del Monte City as evidenced by a barangay certificate.
    • His/Her credentials shows that he/she graduated from any public or private senior high school located in San Jose Del Monte City.
  2. An applicant is considered as non-San Jose Del Monte City born resident if:
    • His/Her credentials show that he/she is not a graduate of any public or private San Jose Del Monte City High School but was granted guardianship by relative or benefactor who is a San Jose Del Monte City Resident;
    • His/Her home address is outside San Jose Del Monte city;
    • His/her birth certificate shows that he/she was not born in San Jose Del Monte City;
      • An applicant who is an Honor Student whether resident or non-resident shall be admitted upon submission of properly authenticated documents including exceptional student who has outstanding records in sports, culture and arts from Senior High school where he/she graduated and may be covered by the scholarship policies of the City College of San Jose Del Monte
      • Re-entered student is one with an approved Leave of Absence (LOA) who is readmitted to the College after one complete school year effective upon the approval of the Leave of Absence.


Dear City Collegians!

Please be informed that the ONLINE ENROLLMENT IS NOW AVAILABLE. Kindly check the google form link below to access the Online Application.…/1FAIpQLSdZOWkFIx9…/viewform…

Please take note also the following reminders and agreements:
1. Upload your scanned copy of documents/requirements in the google form.
a. Form 138/TOR
b. Good Moral Character
c. SHS Diploma
d. PSA Certificate
e. Proof of Residency
f. Medical Certificate
g. Latest 2×2 picture

2. Submit the Original documents/requirements on or before OCTOBER 08, 2021.

3. Download and accomplish a Promissory Note indicating that you have to settle your down payment/tuition before the Midterm Examination. (Please click the link below).…/1GiN7lkv…/view…

4. Failure to comply, means your enrollment will be FORFEITED.

Please send us a message at the following email accounts:

Thank you and Stay Safe City Collegians!