The College of Criminology envisioned to be a center of development (COD), providing quality criminology education, through relevant instructions, innovative curricula, and state of art facilities in order to produce highly professional individual, with strong leadership traits towards excellence in service and social accountability.


The College of Criminology commits itself to:

  1. Develop relevant and dynamic curricula that would prepare them in passing the Criminologist Licensure Examination (CLE);
  2. Provides quality instructions through caliber faculty members, comprehensive learning materials, and state of the art working laboratories;
  3. Prepare student for their future jobs through relevant and competent on-the-job trainings; and
  4. Develop graduates with upright character and respect for human rights.


Core Values –”LEADS”

Leadership show exception traits in leading people.

Excellence demonstrate competence in all activities and develop a habits of excellence.

Accountability as future work force both in the government and private sector should be model of the principle of Command Responsibility.

Discipline instill obedience to orders, laws, rules, and regulations of legally constituted authority.

Service internalize dedication to duty.