Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship

                                Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship provides entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs formal training that shall secure them great success in various business ventures they will engage in. The program commits itself not only to the academic excellence of undergraduate students but most importantly inculcates in them a strong entrepreneurial spirit, exemplary leadership, professionalism and high ethical and moral standards. This program supports the government’s goal of expanding the Philippine economy through entrepreneurship as it is an effective vehicle for raising the quality of life of people and societies.                        

                                Through its combination of classroom training and experiential learning, the program will help aspiring entrepreneurs acquire the skills, values, and attitudes that will increase their chances of success. 


BS Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneur: Set up own business, Manage and operate own business

Managerial Positions in the field of: Business Development, Corporate Planning

Mid-level Management Positions in Companies

Business Consultant, Sales Consultant

Sales Manager, Sales Associate

Corporate Advocate

Business Journalist

Staff or Assistant in: Business Development, Corporate Planning, Marketing, Research and Development

Positions in Public Organizations or Non-Government Organizations

Not-for-Profit Fundraiser