New Students

  1. Interview to be conducted by the Program Head/Faculty Advisers
  2. Program Chair/Faculty Advisers will issue the Adviser Slip (when applicable) 
    • Note: Adviser’s Slip indicates the number of units and the list of subjects to be taken.
  3. Submit the following documents to the Office of the Registrar:
    • Form 138 (High School Card) or Form 137 Transcript of Records (TOR)
    • Medical Certificate with Chest x-ray,
    • Certificate of Good Moral Character,
    • Latest 2×2 ID picture (2pcs.),
    • Form 1-Personal Data Sheet,
    • Authenticated Birth Certificate from PSA
    • Latest Voter’s Affidavit/Taxpayer Certificate/Elementary and/or High School Diploma,
    • Two (2) mailing envelopes,
    • One (1) long brown envelope,
    • Three (3) mailing stamps and
    • Passer’s slip.
  4. Present the accomplished Adviser’s form to the enrolling adviser for approval and signature (When applicable) ;
  5. Proceed to the Registrar Accounting office for assessment and release of Order of Payment;
  6. Present the Order of Payment to the Registrar/Cashier and pay the required tuition and other fees;
  7. Proceed to the Registrar for Registration Form and for encoding of subjects to be taken and submit 2×2 photo for official enrolment and stamping of “ENROLLED”; and 
  8. Present the Registration Form to your instructors for their signatures.

Old Students

After accomplishing the adviser’s slip, old students shall submit the following:

  1. Registration Form;
  2. Final Examination Permit or its replacement;
  3. Summary of General Weighted Average (GWA); and
  4. One (1) latest 2X2 ID photo.