The Guidance Office is NOT a PLACE for punishment…

The Guidance and Wellness Center is committed to provide comprehensive, developmental and responsive services to all City Collegians by advocating a safe and caring  environment  to enhance their  personal, emotional, social, academic and career aspects of self towards the realization of their optimum potentials to become matured, responsible and productive citizens who is ready to face the challenges of the future.


  • To help students understand themselves and be able to understand others and build meaningful relationship.
  • To contribute to students positive mental health and promote social and personal development
  • To help students plan and achieve educational goals and to explore personal career path
  • To create a positive and safe learning environment in collaboration with parents/guardians, teachers, administrators and community
  • To create a positive and safe learning environment in collaboration with parents/guardians, teachers, administrators and community.

Individual Inventory Service

It is designed to gather all records reliable data and information of each student from the time the student enters the school until the time he/she leaves the school.

Orientation Service

It is an educational service initiated to inform the new students about the policies, rules and regulations, facilities and personnel of the school. This program welcomes and make students feel that the school is their second home.

Counseling Service

This is considered as the heart of the guidance program . It aims to assist students in gaining deeper self-understanding and awareness of one’s problem and the effective use of the decision process.

Referral Service

This type of service helps students by identifying cooperating agencies where professional help could be obtained for particular problems.

Appraisal Service

This type of service uses standardized psychological test to be administered, scored and objectively interpreted to students for awareness and realization of their potentials and other factors as defined in the following descriptions of psychological test available in the center.

Information Service          

The students are provided with updated information on educational, occupational, social and personal matters through seminar-workshop, symposia, newsletters, bulletin board announcements.

Career and Placement Service

This type of service assists the students in career decision-making by knowing their potential, abilities and personalities and providing them information on the different programs or courses, latest job trends and employment opportunities.

Research and Evaluation Service

This type of service is designed to evaluate the guidance programs and services to improve its effectiveness.    By gathering accurate data through research and evaluation,  Guidance center  will be able to formulate and implement better programs, as well as to give appropriate and relevant recommendations to administrators and faculty.