City College of San Jose Del Monte – Academic Resource Center is the central facility of educational resources of the institution that supports the research and learning needs of the students, faculty, staff, and researchers in all programs of the institution. At present, the college offers about 5 programs in undergraduate levels, all of which are supported by the ARC’s collections and services.

The Academic Resource Center was established to support the academic community of College of Criminology, Entertainment and Multimedia Computing, Entrepreneurship, Physical education, and Public Administration.


            The ARC is located at the first floor of CCSJDM building beside the guidance office and clinic. It is open from Monday to Friday 8:00AM – 7:00PM and Saturday 8:00AM-5:00PM.


            It is open to all bonafide student, faculty, and staff of City College of San Jose Del Monte.


            The ARC offers a learning environment that is suitable for active learning. It can cater a total seating capacity of 50 users and has available tables, chairs, and carrels for comfortable stay while studying.

            It also offers an open shelf system of materials, meaning students can freely browse the books at their designated shelves. ARC users can bring their bags inside the reading area and upon exit, bags are inspected by the ARC staff.

The Academic Resource Center also offers free WIFI access to all users of the ARC. They can use it to connect wirelessly through the internet via their mobile phones, tablets, and laptops.

Providing reliable and fast access to books for our students is the ARC’s top-most priority. The changing needs of today’s students require the ARC to consider providing digitized versions of current books and references. The CCSJDM is now subscribed to Vital Source Bridge, the world’s leading digital content platform, providing secured delivery of electronic textbooks (E-books). 

Further, the ARC is interconnected to the KOHA Integrated Library System, a free and open source Integrated Library System (ILS), provided and installed by the National Library of the Philippines, which employs various modules for library database management, circulation management, resource management, and resource viewer (OPAC). The lending of materials in the library is fully automated via the KOHA Circulation Manager. In line with this and to make it possible to have an automated lending process, all books are encoded in the KOHA Resource Manager.

Pertinent bibliographic information of materials are encoded in the system so that records of these will be available. To view these materials, users can use the KOHA Resource Viewer (OPAC). Book information such as shelf location, book availability, are viewable in this module.


            The ARC is managed by a highly competent and professional staff with relevant qualifications and experience.

            Ms. Rionah D. Lim is the Director of CCSJDM Academic Resource Center, licensed librarian (Lic. No. 0008619). Serving the ARC for 2 years as a professional librarian joined by one library aide, Ms. Cristine Joy P. Juanites.