General description of the Program

The teacher education program of CCSJDM prepares highly qualified humane teachers and educational leaders that are able to: demonstrate academic and professional excellence; positively impact students in basic education particularly the K-12 program; commit in meeting the learning needs of all students; and guide students to become effective and productive citizen in the 21st century.

Program General Objectives

Students who complete Teacher Education will be able to:

  • Demonstrate an in-depth knowledge and interdisciplinary connections inherent in the content area being studied.
  • Apply National Competency-Based Teacher Standards (NCBTS) and Philippine Professional Standards for Teachers (PPST), research-verified practices, critical thinking, clear and thoughtful communication, creative and honest open inquiry in planning, implementing, assessing, and reflecting on effective pedagogy/methodology.
  • Demonstrate professionalism in varied educational settings with regard to the diversity of students and all members of the school community.
  • Foster an engaging classroom environment in various situations.
  • Demonstrate their teaching skills effectively to complete a successful internship practice.  


  1. Articulate and discuss the latest developments in the specific field of practice. (Philippine Qualifications Framework (PQF) level 6 descriptor)
  2. Effectively communicate orally and in writing using both Mother Tongue, Filipino and English
  3. Work effectively and independently in multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural teams. (PQF Level 6 descriptor)
  4. Act in recognition of professional, social and ethical responsibility
  5. Preserve and promote “Filipino historical and cultural heritage” (Based on RA 7722)
  6. Articulate the rootedness of education in philosophical, socio-cultural, historical, psychological, and political contexts.
  7. Demonstrate mastery of subject matter/discipline
  8. Facilitate learning using a wide range of teaching methodologies and delivery modes appropriate to specific learners and their environments
  9. Develop innovate curricula, instructional plans, teaching approaches and resources for diverse learners
  10. Apply skills in the development and utilization of ICT to promote quality, relevant and sustainable educational practices
  11. Demonstrate a variety of thinking skills in planning, monitoring, assessing, and reporting learning processes and outcomes
  12. Practice professional and ethical teaching standards sensitive to the changing local, national, and global realities
  13. Pursue lifelong learning for personal and professional growth through varied experiential and field-based opportunities.

Bachelor of Physical Education 

This is four-year program aims to equip graduates with the competencies to meet the psychomotor, cognitive and effective needs of learners.

Bachelor in Early Childhood Education

This program aims to prepare aspiring educators who intend to teach in the basic education level. Specifically, it aims to develop highly competent teacher-researchers who specialize in elementary general education content, pedagogy, and research.

Bachelor in Special Needs Education

This four-year program aims to prepare aspiring teachers in the field of special needs education. Specifically, it aims to develop highly competent special education (SPEd) teacher–researchers who specialize in providing and managing instruction to students with additional needs.


Bachelor of Science in Psychology

The Bachelor of Science in Psychology program is designed to provide students a scientific study of human behavior and mental processes. The program prepares students to use psychology theories, concepts, and principles in research and applied practice of psychology in the field of clinical, educational, and industrial settings.

Bachelor in Social Work

This four-year program aims to prepare its graduates for scientific study of Social Work for the service of humanity. Principles of Social Justice, Human Rights, Collective Responsibility, and respect for diversities are central to social work.

Bachelor of Science in Entertainment and Multimedia Computing

Specialized in Digital Animation

This fouryear program aims to prepare students to be digital animation professionals who are equipped with both creative and technical knowledge, skills, and values in conceptualizing, designing, and producing animation products and solutions, and in managing such projects over different technology platforms.

Specialized in Game Development

This four-year program aims to prepare students to be game development professional with specialized knowledge, competencies, and values in designing, developing, and producing digital games and/or tools, and in managing game development projects.