All offenses committed by students shall be relieved by the Discipline/ Grievance committee and be deliberated upon based on the disciplinary measures/sanctions imposed by the College.

They are classified into major and minor offenses

  1. Major Offenses, Merit, Suspension, Dismissal/Expulsion Major offenses include, but not limited to:
    • Plagiarism, cheating during any oral/written, quiz or examination and other requirements for submission;
    • Vandalism, defacing, and littering in any area of the campus.
    • Bringing into and/or drinking alcoholic or any intoxicating beverages on campus;
    • Entering the school premises intoxicated with alcoholic drink/ liquor;
    • Possession and/or use of illegal drugs;
    • Carrying or possession of firearms, deadly weapons, including improvised weapons, explosives and incendiaries within school premises;
    • Lighting of firecrackers, pyrotechnics, and pillbox bombs, Molotov bombs, and the like in school campus and within the school premise;
    • Engaging in gambling activities within school premises;
    • Immorality/sexual misconduct;
    • Possession, distribution, or perusal of pornographic magazines, pictures, films, cards, key chain, figurines, and the like;
    • Unauthorized solicitation of fees;
    • Scandalous actions, harassment, and indecent language;
    • Use of profane or indecent display of affection in public;
    • Acts of lasciviousness, voyeurism, exhibitionism, and other vulgar and offensive acts;
    • Unauthorized selling of tickets, raffles, lotteries, and other fund- raising paraphernalia;
    • Lending one’s ID to another person;
    • Hazing in all organization
    • Organizing/Participating in illegal assemblies
    • Active membership in any unrecognized neighbourhood fraternities/sororities
    • Other acts equivalent to the aforementioned offenses
  2. Minor offenses, merit Suspension, Warning/Reprimand, Disciplinary probation, and/or Fine to be determined by the College, Minor offenses include, but shall not limited to:
    • Non-wearing of ID
    • Non-wearing of prescribed proper uniform
    • Entering the campus without an ID
    • Posting of banners and notices without prior approval of concerned officer;
    • Unauthorized use and operation of school equipment including electrical switches, workrooms, library, canteen, and other school facilities;
    • Unauthorized bringing out of school properties such as chairs, tables, laboratory equipment and paraphernalia, chalkboard, audio-visual equipment and the like from rooms and buildings;
    • Improper or unauthorized parking of vehicles;
    • Entering faculty restroom, lounges, and comfort rooms without permission and authority;
    • Male student entering the comfort rooms for females and vice versa;
    • Unauthorized use of mobile phones and communication devices during class hours;
    • Loitering along corridors, staying or sitting on stairway entrances, gates, exits, foyers, railings, passages, fire escapes, and the like or any act that may hamper or block the flow of human traffic;
    • Littering and spitting on the floors, corridors, stairways, or any act which may result in unsanitary, dirty, or disorderly condition of the cam- pus and other facilities
    • Other acts equivalent to the aforementioned offenses