Per Angusta Ad Augusta

(Through difficulties to honors)​


CCSJDM-Supreme Student Council with its commitment to fulfill the integrity, honesty, responsibility, and functions to best serve the studentry and the institution.​


CCSJDM-Supreme Student Council shall empower and give opportunities to utilize and improve leadership potential among students.​

Core Values

The CCSDJM-Supreme Student Council holds the following core values:​

  1. Integrity​
  2. Honor​
  3. Responsibility​
  4. Leadership​
  5. Commitment


            The highest and the umbrella organization of all student organizations in the City College of San Jose del Monte that shall empower and give opportunities to utilize and improve leadership potential among students.


(A.Y. 2021-2022)

 August 2021Opening of Classes 1st Semester, A.Y. 2021-2022  

Welcoming Freshmen Students  

School Mo, iTOUR ko!  
To familiarize new freshmen students with school facilities, teaching and non-teaching personnel, and school leaders  
September 20211st – 3rd week

Meeting with the Class Officers of all classes  

Announcing of opening of Filling of Candidacy to be lead and organized by CSET

Announcing of final and official SSC Candidates  

Campaigning Period  

Meeting De Avance  

Election Day

4th week

Proclamation of the New City College Supreme Student Council (after the flag ceremony) and Turn-Over Ceremony of the Ad hoc SSC to the New SSC Officers

“Your Vote Matters”

National Voter’s Registration for the 2022 National Election
1st – 3rd week

To elect another New Set of Officers of City College Supreme Student Council  

4th week

To introduce the New City College Supreme Student Council as the voice of the student body

To produce lists of eligible voters in San Jose del Monte, Bulacan
October 2021      Create different club activities

School – Based SSC and Students Planning, Leadership and Seminar/Webinar Training Program    

Teacher Appreciation Week / Teacher’s Day Celebration  

To develop and improve specific skills through co-curricular club activities.

To train elected officers, Class Officers, and students at City College about the mandated programs, new projects, and activities of SSC

To raise awareness about the role of teachers’ in playing quality education at all levels and to improve the situations of teachers in the world  
Meditation Program  To help students, faculty, and staff relax and focus via online meditation program in celebration of Mental Health Awareness Month  
November 2021SSC Capacity Building

Halloween costume party a la tiktok
To promote awareness of the team spirit and to strengthen commitment of the team’s shared objectives

To show the spirit of creativity, spooky and fun Halloween costume party the Gen-Z way  
December 2021“Big Event at the City Sports Complex”  

SSC Year-End Party
To show the spirit of giving and loving to all San Joseños

To show the spirit of giving and loving through various Christmas activities  
January-May 2022Tree Planting  To lead/ Participate in the National Greening Program and other environment-related activities  
February 2022  Community Outreach Program

Valentine’s Day
To address community needs and expectations that are focused on education, values formation, and basic social services.  
March 2022Foundation Week
Mr. and Ms. City College

 Conducting of various Webinars/Seminars/Training Program      

“Big Event at the City Sports Complex”    
To celebrate, appreciate, and commemorate the day when the City College of San Jose del Monte was founded or established

To conduct series of webinars/seminars in celebration of Women’s and Fire Prevention Month

To show the spirit of giving and loving to all San Joseños  
April 2022Calligraphy Art Contest  To cultivate creativity and artistic expression in Celebration of World Art Day  
May 2022School Base Press Conference
Malayang Pagsusulat  

End of School Year
To raise awareness of freedom to seek, impart and receive right and just information in celebration of World Press Freedom  
June-July 2022  Enrollment AssistanceTo Help the faculty, school officials, old students, and new students in enrollment  
July 2022 (Last week of July before the opening of classes)Brigada EskwelaTo gear toward an orderly and safe opening of classes by making schools environmentally sustainable and conducive to learning   To show the spirit volunteerism through active participation in all activities